Academic Programs

Professional programs available to GAME members:

Bookkeeper Certificate –

Bookkeepers keep the books in order. Every business is built on this foundation. They work in the background to pay bills, tally invoices, and analyze the financial health of the companies for which they work. A qualified specialist who can record, track, and evaluate a company’s finances is required by any corporation. The opportunities that can open for you after finishing our online bookkeeping course range from one-person firms to enormous corporations with thousands of employees.

Our online bookkeeping program is designed to be both flexible and economical. As a result, we provide GAME members with a low-cost monthly payment option. We provide you a high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

Fee: $699 or $99 per month for 8 months
Office Administrator -

As an Office Administrator, you’ll be a well-respected professional playing a crucial role on the company team. You will meet fascinating people and find great satisfaction in working side by side with business executives, attorneys, and other professionals.

GAME members will have a career that opens the door to a wide variety of opportunities. You might choose to work for a government agency, legal office, or perhaps for a corporation in a field such as Real Estate, Banking, Travel, Insurance, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, or for manufacturers, schools, sales organizations, the choice is yours!

Fee: $799 or $99 per month for 9 months

As a paralegal, you’ll be a well-respected member of the legal team who plays an important role. You’ll meet fascinating people and get a lot of satisfaction from providing services that benefit others.

GAME members: You’ll also have a career that allows you to explore a wide range of options. You could work for a law company, a paralegal service, a government agency, or a legal assistance organization. Alternatively, perhaps you’d want to work in a corporation’s legal department, in fields such as real estate, finance, insurance, entertainment, taxation, healthcare, and so on—the list is endless—the decision is yours!

$899 or $99 per month for 10 months

Front Line Management Certificates

Supervision –

This online supervision certification teaches you how to encourage others and assist them in developing good habits, performing more efficiently, and feeling more at ease at work. Good supervisory skills are the foundation of great professional relationships, and this course will teach you the supervision and leadership abilities you’ll need to develop and maintain cohesive, productive teams.

$599 or $99 per month for 7 months
Logistics Management –

For GAME members interested in distribution, transportation operations, warehousing and materials, and inventory management for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing operations, the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate program is designed to provide a basic understanding and skills in the fields of materials management and transportation. With permission, some professional certificates in logistics and materials management can be applied to this certification’s appropriate courses.

$599 or $99 per month for 7 months

Middle Management Certificates

General Management Certificate

General management studies aid in the comprehension of commercial companies’ managerial, functional, and operational demands to trigger production effectively and efficiently. This course covers a wide range of issues including marketing, investment, functional administration, human resource management, sales, and advertising. The main ideas of this module will help you change into a successful business manager who understands the complexities of capital growth optimization.

If you plan to be a manager with other junior managers or team leaders reporting to you, you should join GAME. Managers at smaller organizations or entities may be primarily responsible for supervising and managing supervisors and employees within their department, division, or business unit.

$999 or $99 per month for 12 months
Quality Management Certificate

To advance their professional skills, GAME members should earn a Quality Management certification. A certified QM is responsible for managing projects that meet strategic objectives and motivating human resources to achieve corporate objectives. The certification should assist managers in motivating and evaluating employees, managing projects and human resources, analyzing financial circumstances, determining, and evaluating risk, and addressing organizational difficulties using knowledge management tools and methodologies.

$999 or $99 per month for 12 months

Executive Management & Leadership

Executive Management Certificate

To be an effective leader, you must have a vision and be able to energize others around you. People may be significantly more productive and effective when they are passionate about what they do. As a leader, you want to inspire others to be enthusiastic about their work. Add our Executive Management Certification to your list of accomplishments on your curriculum vitae or resume. This qualification is intended to assist GAME members in combining leadership and management skills to become more effective managers.

Three-Day Seminar: $799