Note: If you are not yet a   member of GAME, you may apply for membership. Once accepted as a member, you will be able to apply for a Morrison University program. Being a member  of GAME does not guarantee acceptance into any program with MU.

Each member must meet the minimum qualifications as stated:

  • Be a game member in good standing
  • Submit a CV or Resume


All individuals who wish to apply to one of our programs must be a member of the Global Alliance of Managers and Executives. Members need to be in good standing with the organization and must be up to date on their membership fees.

Note: If you are not yet a member of GAME, you may apply for membership. Once accepted as a member, you will be able to apply for a Morrison University program. Being a member of GAME does not guarantee acceptance into any program with MU.

Each member must meet the minimum qualifications as stated:

Doctor of Business Administration:

  • Be a GAME member in good standing and one of the following:
    • Be an Executive Member of GAME OR
    • Possess an MBA or graduate-level degree in a similar field of study and three years of management experience OR
    • Possess any graduate-level degree in any field and five years of management experience.

Master of Business Administration

  • Be a GAME member in good standing and one of the following:
    • Possess a bachelor’s degree in business or related field and two years of management experience OR
    • Possess a bachelor’s degree in any field and four years of management experience OR
    • Possess an associate degree in business and seven years of management experience

Certificates, Workshops, and Seminars:

  • Be a GAME member in good standing (only requirement)

School of Business

Think there is more to business than profit? So do we. At the Morrison University School of Business, we can help you to become an ethical leader. We will challenge you to imagine socially innovative and fiscally sound ventures, teach you how to pitch your best ideas, and encourage you to explore the world you are about to change.

At Morrison University, you will develop business skills in the context of a modern perspective. All students take a series of core courses in the fundamentals of economics, accounting, management, marketing, and finance before they focus on advanced major courses. Pursuing a career in business is an extraordinary opportunity to serve others and fulfill your unique calling, while creating positive social change by contributing to a vibrant economy.

Here are Academic Programs as below:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online degree program provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of business theories and models and their application to real world problems, with a focus on:

  • Analysis of business problems and opportunities
  • Key business functions, such as leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Analysis and implementation of business decisions and theories

Students learn to connect business concepts to the larger global society, with preparation for a clear career path within the field of business. They are provided a solid preparation to continue to graduate studies in business administration or related fields.

Program Goals

Within the context of each, students are provided with the opportunity to acquire relevant skills and knowledge.

The program has three overarching goals:

  1. Provides a framework in applying appropriate business models in decision-making situations.
  • Interpret and analyze accounting information for efficiency and continuous performance improvement
  • Apply concepts and principles for marketing resources, goods, and services
  • Understand the basic principles of corporate finance and how capital markets operate
  • Understand how and when to use basic statistical analysis
  • Will understand (A.S. level)/ analyze (B.S. level) fundamental principles of economics and how they apply to business decisions
  • Identify and analyze business problems and opportunities and formulate recommendations for courses of action (B.S. level)
  • Identify opportunities for new business ventures, and evaluate their potential for success (B.S. level)
  1. Covers the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively within a team environment.
  • Lead and/or co-lead collaborative projects using team building skills to accomplish group goals apply their knowledge of basic components and interactions between hardware and software to create programs to solve computing problems
  • Understand the basic principles of organizational theory and the relationship between employees and organizations
  • Understand the principles of setting performance goals, and monitoring, mentoring, and motivating employees (B.S. level)
  1. Enhances a command of applying ethical reasoning to business situations
  • Demonstrate how business behavior and policies can leave a lasting effect on society, and how some portions of society may be affected differently
  • Develop self-awareness with respect to management style, time management, and sensitivity to diversity in the workplace
  • Recognize the need to respond to ethical and legal concerns relating to human resource and organizational management (B.S. level)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Morrison University MBA (Masters)

A highly sought after qualification with students from all walks of life gaining that foot up against the competition. Think you’ve got what it takes to become a future leader? An MBA could help you achieve those goals.
Competitive, and highly respected, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a qualification that holds a prestigious place in the business world.

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  • Business Ops & Supply Chain Management
  • Management Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Strategy Leadership
  • Data Analytics (STEM-certified)
  • Financial Analysis (STEM-certified)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Psychology
  • Healthcare
  • Finance


  •  Finance
  •  Health Care Management
  •  Human Resources
  •  Information Technology
  •  Marketing
  •  Project Management

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Morrison University (MU offers a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). This program is offered as a track under the Ph.D. degree and is designed for working senior-level professionals who desire to achieve a doctoral degree in business while continuing their work responsibilities and careers. The DBA will equip you with practical oriented research to fulfill leadership or other strategic responsibilities. You will obtain the advanced knowledge to address, change and quickly solve complex business issues.

In addition to sharpening your critical and analytical skills, the DBA will equip you with the tools to advance your career in leadership and management at the executive levels of business. The DBA represents the highest level of academic achievement in business administration.

The MU DBA program is a rigorous educational opportunity provided by leading academic researchers within the field of business administration. Our program is offered at our business school, an epicentre of international business. Students in the DBA program will learn to apply advanced business theory, analytics, and finely-honed research and quantitative skills.

  • Non-resident program
  • Hybrid face-to-face and online education
  • 75 credit hours
  • 3-year curriculum
  • Flexibility combining your work, family and intellectual pursuits

Upon completion of the DBA program, executives will possess top-level understanding of the unique challenges facing both the public and private business sectors in today’s marketplace.

This is not another step in your career path. The MU DBA is the launchpad for executives and business leaders to lead change initiatives and transform their field of business.

  • DBA program aims to integrate the theory and practice of business with the context of current issues that the business world faces.
  • DBA program will help candidates develop proficiency in applied research by improving their methodological and analytical skills.


The program requires a three-day residency for program orientation and four two-day residencies (Friday and Saturday – scheduled one each month during the semester).

Upon completing the program, students should be able to:

  • Acquire the necessary functional business knowledge in a global context
  • Identify and develop organizational best practices
  • Demonstrate the ability to write and conduct research for peer-reviewed publications including conferences and journals